KDRAMA review:Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo


First drama review!! Actually, I have watched tons of drama in the past few years. I will make another post on best of the best drama that I have ever watched! 

If you're a fan of Nam Joo hyuk,then this drama is a must watch! I think his acting is improve a lot than before. He looks so different though, he's a bit skinny in this drama but still he looks good looking so don't worry lol. Lee Sung Kyung,she's Kai's look alike! I just knew when I searched Korean actress photos XD Lee Sung Kyung, I first watched her on Cheese in the trap then Doctors. I honestly enjoyed watching her acting on the Doctors,she looks so fashionably and disgustingly beautiful lol. 

Back to the topic! This drama is a coming-of-age sports drama,inspired by the life of a Olympic gold medalist Jang Mi Ran. It airs on MBC every Wednesday and Thursday in Korea while in Malaysia, it airs on OH!K channel 394 same day in Korea. I think OH!K will air this drama on chinese new year. 
Yeah,this drama was already ended last week. 

A naturally gifted weightlifter with an ambitious personality. She stands up for injustice, but is shy and awkward around boys. She hides her insecurities and fragile heart under her strong exterior.
Bok-joo's best friend, a talented swimmer with a playful personality. He suffers a trauma that began when he made a false start at his first big international competition and got disqualified.Lee Jae-yoon as Jung Jae-yi
Joon-hyung's cousin and older brother. A former athlete who becomes an obesity doctor due to an injury. His gentle and kind personality makes him the first man that Bok-joo falls in love with.
A top-class rhythmic gymnast, who won a silver medal at the Asian Games at the age of eighteen. She is an overachiever, and is under constant stress about her developing figure, which causes her to break up with Joon-hyung.

My opinion: If you want to relieve your stress from the hectic days,then this drama is definitely for you. There's no villain in this drama lol everything is comedic, cutesy and romance lol. You will chuckle every time with Lee Sung Kyung's boyish acting and Joo-hyuk's angry acting which was not working for me lol I found him cute even acting angry :3. The sad part for me was when people started to knew Bok-joo went to weight loss clinic, it was an unexplainable for her,she can't just say that she went there because she wants to see the doctor that she likes. Oopss I can't say more than that,you need to watch it first because that scene was the best for me ! I forgot which episode was so yeah sorry lol. Unfortunately,the ratings were really bad, it never reach 10% though because people prefer to watch Legends of the blue sea which was air the same day as this drama on SBS. Well, ratings is not really important though lol the whole story was great and relaxing so you won't be disappointed! Plus, this drama is popular internationally! I think this was happen for Scarlet Heart drama too,hurm.. 

Is this drama recommended?
yes,if you want to relieve stress and watching a love story of a boyish girl who started to fall in love. 

How many percent for this drama?

ermmmmmmmmmmmmmm, 50 out of 100.

you can watch on Boxasian or kissasian for free or OH!K channel 394 on astro!

I won't write a review for the Legends of the blue sea because I stopped on episode ten so yeahh lol
For me,it's a so-so drama,maybe because I am bored with Lee Min ho's and Jun Jihyun's acting now? I am not saying that their acting were bad but they're veterans, a kdrama addict like me became bored and want to look new faces in the drama.The drama is great with ratings because they're A-list actors guys... 

*this is my honest review.please do not steal *

Favourite songs of 2016


Hellooooo,another post! hahah

I know this is soooo late but still,I want to post it!! I think it's a must because I love music <3
as for english songs,I actually love the beat of the songs not the meaning. English songs nowadays are all about ...... :/ 

Warning this is a longgg list!

1. I took a pil in Ibiza - the best! when the beat drop <3
2. Beautiful by Crush OST Goblin - love crush's voiceee!! 
3. Starboy by The weeknd - again the beat is dope! 
4. Stressed out by 21 pilots
5. Bonnie & Clyde by Dean
6.Starlight by Taeyeon feat Dean
7. Half Moon by Dean
8. This is What you came for by Calvin harris feat Rihanna
9.Cheap Thrills by Sia
10.Faded-Alan Walker
11.Adventure of a time - Coldplay
12.The 7th sense by NCT U
13. Sorry by Justin bieber
14. Company by Justin bieber
15. What Do You Mean by Justin bieber
16. TT by Twice
17. Monster by EXO
18. Lotto by EXO
19. Mad City by NCT 127
20. Middle by DJ snake 
21. Let me love you by DJ snake feat JB
22. In the name of love by Martin Garrix
23. Me,myself and I -G-eazy 
24. This girl - Kungs vs Cookin' 3 Burners
25. Whistle - Blackpink
26. Playing with Fire -Blackpink
27. Black Beatles - Rae Sremmurd
28. Summer- Marshmello 
27. Ritual -Marshmello
28. Body -Mino
29. Russian Roulette by Red Velvet
30. Cold Water by Major Lazer
31. Perfect Strangers by Jonas Blue
32. Side to side by Ariana Grande
33. Heartbreak Hotel by Tifanny
34. Why by Taeyeon
35. Starving by Hailee Steinfeld
36. Work by Fifth Harmony
37. Secret Love Song by Little Mix
38. Lush Life- Zara Larsson
39. Everytime by Chen X Punch OST DOTS
40. Youth by Troye Sivan 

to be continued...